About us


Tamisa ltd deals with processing of metal. Company disposes with capacities wich alow pocessing of different metals without chip removing. Machine park is consisted from more than 30 (thirty) machines for universal and special purposes. On them it is possible fast and well performing of even the most complicated technological operations, such as: processing of rolled and wrought productions lenght to 6.000 mm with diameter to 1.000 mm, but also steel drip molding and colored metals.

We are located in industrial zone of Nikšić in proximity of vital roads. We dispose with about 1000 m2 of modern enclosed production space and about 4000 m2 of open storage space.

Production equipment

  • Scissors for sheet metal cutting
  • Apcant press for sheet metal flexion
  • Tripl roller for sheet metal flexion
  • Machine for cutting of rounded profiles
  • Equipment –apparatus for REL, CO2, MIG-MAG welding
  • Plasma device for sheet metal cutting
  • Lathe 1m to 6m of lenght, diameter to 1000 mm
  • Drilling machine: pillar, radial
  • Milling cutter, borverk
  • Toothing: internal and external


In the structure of products dominates processing of light metal and steel construction, machine and construction hardware for different purposes: maintanance of technological equipment for significant bussines capacities in surrounding and building of construction objects. Whital, company is recognized in production of public and street pillars, equipment for road and utility infrastructure, making of metal formwork for contstruction needs, all kind of protect fences (forged fences, innox fences and combination innox-glass).

The company was engaged in making and montage of equipment for next needs: substation, mini hydro power plants, windturbines as well as wastewater collectors. We are trained for offering of services from repair technology area, with different procedures of welding and jump welding of broken and battered thermo parts, hydroenergetics equipment, process industry, construction equipment e.t.c.